The Three Bears

and Goldilocks

The Three Bears

What happens when a naughty little girl sneaks uninvited in the cottage of the three bear friends?

In this fresh re-writing of the traditional tale of Goldilocks filled with fun and adventure, you'll find that friendship can be found in the most unexpected places.


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Why you'll love our App.

We believe that a picture book is a special little thing. It is so simple yet it can be a powerful catalyst of beautiful emotions and unforgettable memories between children and their parents. That's why our books are crafted with extra love and care and that's why they are loved by so many people around the world.


The world is talking about our stories.

Illustrations that really shine!

And your child will love.

The Three Bears and Goldilocks features gorgeous illustrations by award winning artist Laura Wood. What really engages children and makes for an unforgettable experience are illustrations first and foremost. That's why we ask only the most talented artists to illustrate our stories.

Universal Design.

Means more value to you.

The Three Bears and Goldilocks has been created so that on the iPad our App will look like a traditional illustrated children's book while on the smaller screens of iPhone and iPod touch, subtle zooming and panning effects will highlight graphic details and keep the narration engaging. You only need to buy our App once!


Because the more the better.

Choose among eight written and spoken languages, English, Italian, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Chinese traditional and Chinese simplified. Switch language on the fly, read the story yourself or, if you wish, let our excellent voice over artists to read the story for you and your child.

Interactivity done right!

Enhances without getting in the way.

With our original PopUp Tap and Discover interactivity we have packed every page with interactive points that, when tapped, triggers a speech balloon or a sound effect. Speech balloon are also voiced in all languages so little children can enjoy the experience in full. These add hours of fun to our books without disrupting the reading experience.

Interface to touch!

Created with kid hands in mind.

We have created an interface that is as much beautiful as it is discrete. It doesn't get in the way of enjoying our stories and enhances the App experience because it is a breeze to navigate. It's colorful and bold just like children love and gets them quickly and responsively around in a few taps.

Additional features.

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